Learn how to play music instruments the easy way

Learning to play any musical instrument can be difficult and intimidating. MusicMotivated.com makes becoming a musician easier by providing lessons that will take your playing skills from beginner to advanced. If you never picked up an instrument before, after trying our method, you will quickly begin to dominate your instrument. Even if you are already an advance instrumentalist this site will help to bring your playing skills to the next level.

How does our music lessons differ from others?

At musicmotivated.com we make it easy for beginning musicians to pick up an instrument and start playing in no time. We’ve mapped out the notes of over 48 music scales and hundreds of chords on ten different instruments. Learning music theory can be the biggest barrier-to-entry when learning how to play an instrument. We made music theory easy to learn. Learning the basics of music theory will then help you understand our piano/fretboard/fingerboard charts better. We have also built a web application that calculates scales and the chords belonging to a selected scale on the instrument you desire to learn.

Simplest way to pick up any instrument and start jamming today!

The Music Motivated web application is like a calculator that does the math of music for you. Simply select your instrument, select a scale and you will be given every possible chord belonging to that scale. It’s that simple! Check out the demo below then visit the web app using the button below.

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